Thank You to our Live Demo Partners

Delegates attending CAV Scotland got the opportunity to experience FOUR live autonomous vehicle demonstrations.

Alexander Dennis full size Bus: Fusion Processing Ltd - Autonomous Bus

Fusion Processing are world leaders in autonomous vehicles, our sensing and control system, CAVstar® is currently in action, providing Level 4 autonomy, in vehicles ranging in size from a 12m, 43 seat bus to a two-seater Twizy. Much of the technology our engineers have developed for autonomous vehicles can be transferred to regular buses to make them safer, today.

We see the future of mobility being serviced by a full range of autonomous transport options, from micro-pods to private hire cars and full-sized buses at the upper end of the scale, working in an environment that facilitates cycling, walking and manually driven vehicles too.

Fortunately the team here at Fusion Processing are working together with partners Stagecoach and Alexander Dennis Ltd to develop technology that will set new standards of bus safety to protect vulnerable road users, and what’s more, it can be fitted to everyday buses of all sizes, today.

Born from a desire to make buses in cities such as London safer, these three key innovations that will save lives and reduce accidents from the outset:

  • Pedestrian detection - People will often run for the bus, especially when they spot one at their stop, or disembark and dash across the road in front of the vehicle. Fusion’s unique pedestrian detection system will recognise anyone crossing in front of the bus and automatically inhibit the engine, stopping the bus pulling away whilst the driver may be distracted looking for a gap in the traffic.
  • Intelligent speed assist - As buses follow a route throughout a city and beyond, the speed limits will vary greatly. Thanks to Fusion’s inovative speed assist technology which tracks vehicle progress, the bus’ top speed will automatically be limited to the maximum speed of that particular section of road.

    These state-of-the-art safety systems have been integrated into the UK’s first full sized autonomous bus, currently on trial at a working Stagecoach depot. Beyond the depot trial, a fleet of five AV Level 4 buses will participate in CAV-forth, a major pilot scheme, carrying up to 10,000 members of the public per week on a 14-mile route across the Forth Road Bridge from Edinburgh to Fife in 2020.

  • Replace the wing mirrors with Fusion’s CycleEye® cyclist tracking system - Technology combining an HD camera feed with radar to identify cyclists in the vehicles’ blind spots will give an audible and visual alert whilst feeding an image to tablets mounted on the vehicles A pillars. Visual enhancements can be overlaid to highlight detected cyclists and pedestrians, reducing the driver’s cognitive load and enabling them to focus on the task in hand. Replacing the wing mirrors will not only eliminate the possibility of the mirrors clipping passing vulnerable road users, but reduces the vehicles frontal area, cutting drag and improving fuel efficiency.

NAVYA autonomous electric shuttle

Autonomous, driverless and electric: the shuttle developed by NAVYA serves cities and private sites by bringing ever more mobility.

In the city or on a private site, the shuttle conceived by NAVYA is an innovative, effective, clean and intelligent mobility solution. AUTONOM SHUTTLE guarantees autonomous transport performance as well as a comfortable trip for the first and last mile, thanks to its gentle navigation.

Capable of transporting up to 15 people, AUTONOM SHUTTLE combines a number of advantages. AUTONOM SHUTTLE fleets make it possible for operators to improve productivity on private sites, and ease road congestion in urban centers. Passengers also enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of their travel time.

Cutting-Edge Technology at the Service of Experience

The AUTONOM SHUTTLE was specifically designed to meet the needs of an autonomous, driverless vehicle while also optimizing navigation and safety features. With neither a steering wheel nor pedals, AUTONOM SHUTTLE uses effective guidance and detection systems that combine various types of advanced technology. Data from Lidar sensors, cameras, GPS RTK, IMU and odometry is merged together and interpreted by deep learning programs. AUTONOM SHUTTLE moves about efficiently and makes proficient decisions. Without any driver.

Before, during and after each trip, AUTONOM SHUTTLE offers an overall solution for mobility that is continuous and fluid.

Streetdrone: Renalt Twizy

Micro-mobility and research vehicle - full drive-by-wire access, built in sensors and computational hardware - perfect for development work and city mobility schemes. The StreetDrone Twizy is the ideal platform for research and development, allowing tech developers to validate and improve autonomous software and mobility applications.

StreetDrone’s Twizy vehicles have already been deployed across the world, and have helped multiple customers kickstart their self-driving programmes. StreetDrone has deep engineered its drive-by-wire technology into the Renault Twizy, providing safe control of throttle, brake, steering and ancillaries as well as easy integration of self-driving stacks and AI. Alongside open interface and full drive-by-wire, StreetDrone also integrates multiple self-driving sensors, including LiDAR, RADAR, Ultrasonics, Cameras, GPS/IMU all configurable dependent on end use case and customer request.

Key Features:

  • Micro 2 seater EV
  • Fully electric drivetrain
  • Up to 40 mile range
  • Max speed 50mph - Charge time 4 hours
  • Trunk power and mountings for computation equipment
  • Roof mounted sensor arrays
  • Compatible with open source sim and ROS interface

Applications for the StreetDrone Twizy include vehicle test centres and proving grounds, Universities, Start-ups, City mobility schemes, off highway, passenger pods.


Kar-go uses a combination of advanced robotics and driverless vehicle technology, to remove up to 90% of the cost associated with the last mile of delivery. Through our proprietary intelligent package management housed in an electric autonomous vehicle, Kar-go streamlines the process. Our system is optimised to autonomously drive on un-marked roads making the vehicle perfect for solving the challenge of last mile deliveries in residential areas as well as urban environments.  Visit the website for more details.