Provisional Programme

Wednesday 13th November - 13.00 to 17.30

Thursday 14th November - 09.00 to 13.00


Programme Highlights:

Session 1 – CAV Roadmap for Scotland
• Summarising the strategy
• Preparing the network
• Lessons learned from elsewhere

Session 2 – International perspectives
• Draw on technical presentations and case studies
• Where Scotland can learn from elsewhere
• Legal situation
• What Scotland should do to lead the next steps

Session 3 – CAV 4 in Scotland
• Work already underway
• Learning from trials in England
• Working with existing trials
• More on unique Scottish opportunities

Session 4 – Fitting in with the wider testing and implementation programme
• Potential benefits of the technology
• What’s going on with Zenzic?
• Innovate UK/Connected Places Catapult
• Summary of what we’ve learned

Confirmed speakers include:

CAV Scotland strategy - Stewart Leggett, Transport Scotland
Setting up a major test bed - Randy Iwasaki, Contra Costa
Urban testing in a controlled environment - Huei Peng, MCity, Michigan
Learning from a real live test facility - Miller Crockart, Horiba Mira
The future of urban mobility - Matthew Eastwood, Uber
Achieving trials in public areas - Brian Matthews, Milton Keynes Council
The benefits of autonomous vehicles on the network - Amanda Prorock, Cambridge University
Scotland within the UK autonomous ecosystem - Daniel Ruiz, Zenzic